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If your bag gets lost or damaged in care of the Airline, we'll pay!


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I first joined Aimviva for its travel insurance, which offered better coverage at a lower price than HSBC and also offered the SIM card, lounge access, and travel coupon all as additional bonuses. I have used the SIM card on my travels to 3 countries so far, and was impressed by how quickly Brad and Flexiroam replied when I had a technical problem with it.

Tariq Dennison

I signed up for membership when I was pregnant with Baby #3. It makes travelling much more pleasurable to get lounge access and feel more secure having travel insurance every time I travel. As a busy working mother of 3 it makes my life much easier to be able to book travel and not worry about insurance each time because it’s already in place! Also, fantastic value for money.

Scherzade Anne Burden

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